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Projects in Development 

Lambs for Salughter

In early 1960 newly ranked detective duo are sent to a small mining town on a wild goose chase to investigate the bizarre disappearance of a mining tycoons baby. What they are confronted with bares far more sinister undertones. 


After witnessing the traumatic death of his sister, Sam has to fight off a witch that is trying to attach herself to him


Murder is a crime thriller set in the outskirts of Melbourne. It explores the lives of a famed author, an introverted detective, a failing artist and a suspect whose paths intertwine when a local Iranian girl is brutally murdered.

Their obsessions to redeem their past while investigating the murder leads them into their own individual chaos.

Casino boyz

A mismatched crew of goodhearted undesirables come together in desperation to revolt against their lack of opportunity by starting an illegal underground gambling house.